Aerial Photography and Surveys

Aerial photography of a house for sale to show the local lake and greenery for the estate agent. The customer wasn't sure the images taken by the agency really demonstrated how large the property was.
Another happy customer Smiling face with sunglasses lovely lady wanted a social gift for her friend, she called, paid for a house and garden aerial photo session and I sent her a voucher which she can put in her friends card, winner.
Taking advantage of a hot weather period the lead archaeologist requested a high resolution aerial survey to check for monumental markers and possible indications of historic development.
In order to eliminate the risk of working at height, a comprehensive survey was completed via drone at high resolution. Individual images were 48 megapixel.
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Aerial 3D Modelling

Give the model a few seconds to load then use your mouse or trackpad to move it around.

This model was created by aerial mapping, the drone takes lots of photographs and survey data and then we use a cloud based artificial intelligence to generate a point cloud survey.

From that point cloud survey, we can develop 3D models, elevation maps, topographical surveys and much more.

Aerial 360 Photos and Tours

Maybe you have something or somewhere you just want to showcase from above, aside from the standard aerial photography or videography we can offer aerial 360° photography and virtual tours.

As standard we will give you all of the digital output and raw imagery but we can also offer hosting and even help you embed them into your existing website or social media channel.

This particular aerial 360° photo was taken at Fat Cat Moto Parc, Doncaster.





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