Mapping and 3D Modelling - all services below for £265inc.

If your site is huge, this price may go up slightly but we allow for a site to be around 250x150m in size which covers most projects.  Our drones have the capacity to scan and model the environment, examples of the outputs are below.  Outputs include zoomable and shareable map updates like the one below, using the layer button in the top right you can select whether you wish to view the updated imagery or a elevation map which uses colours and a grade chart to identify the topography of the site - due to the scale of the data wihtin it, this output is best viewed on a large screen / PC.

Another of the outputs is the orthomosaic image, this is a super-resolution image which is formed by combining all of the photos the drone takes into a single, huge image.

gas-works-full copy.jpg

We also provide a shareable, medium resolution 3D model which can be viewed on any modern browser or smartphone.  This is backed up by a high resolution, downloadable Point Cloud Survey which engineers can use to coordinate the project model.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss any of this, we offer fixed price guarantees and our prices are very competitive.