• Russ Parks

What's the point (cloud)?

Sometimes a photo isn't enough, sometimes you need to see something in perspective, in context to its surroundings. That's where point cloud surveys come in.

Using one of our internal drones we mapped a retained elevation of an old school for girls, the facade has been encapsulated within a new gallery and culture centre for Doncaster - you can read more about the exciting project here.

Along with the point cloud output we generate an orthomosaic image, this is basically just a massive JPEG which is a combination of all the photos that the drone took during the aerial survey. These come in really handy when checking for defects and also monitoring for maintenance.

We also produce 3D models from the survey and can even add buildings, in 3D, to Google Maps and Earth. If you have any questions on this or any of our other aerial photography and survey services, please get in touch.

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